The Tolkien Dance:

Earendil and the War of Wrath

“This is how Earendil became a star.” –Margaret Lion

Earendil the Mariner by Jenny Dolfen


This is the brainchild of Margaret Lion who for 14 years heard the Song of Laya by Irina Mikhailova and envisioned this dance. It will debut on March 24, 2017, at Nashville Indiana Shimmy and Shake.

The story of the dance, Earendil and the War of Wrath, comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. It tells of how Earendil saved Middle-earth and became a star.

The War of Wrath is THE great battle in Middle-earth BEFORE Sauron. In fact, Morgoth, aka Melkor, was Sauron’s mentor. Some good summaries can be found at these sites:

Our Preparation

Margaret wrote and sent this PDF to her dancers last year: Earendil and the War of Wrath. It is filled with information Margaret gathered and her own thoughts on the dance and the characters. The document also has many useful links.

Map of Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings Wiki.

Words from Nashville Indiana Shimmy and Shake Program:

“I believe on Middle-earth they dance - and when they dance they celebrate. They celebrate the end of Morgoth, First Dark Lord of Middle-earth and teacher to Sauron. They dance the War of Wrath showing the mortal Earendil approaching the angelic Valar even though it is forbidden. He convinces them to fight their evil brother Morgoth, for if they do not, all of Middle-earth and the Valar paradise, the Undying Lands, will be destroyed. The Valar fight – but Earendil must watch from his ship in the sky. The Valar destroy the armies of Morgoth. They drive the enemy back. But then they are brought low by the fiercest of Morgoth’s creation, the dragon Ancalagon. But Earendil is FEARLESS! He leaps from his ship and destroys Ancalagon, whose size is so great it crushes mountains. The Valar and Earendil triumph upon the battlefield, chasing the last orcs and evil that terrorize Middle-earth. They dance in triumph for they are free of Morgoth! And the Valar, for they have learned from a mortal, make Earendil a star who will forever shine in Heaven.

‘Earendil! Our brightest star!’

I believe on Middle-earth, they dance.”

-Margaret Lion

The Characters and Dancers:


Earendil the Mariner by Jenny Dolfen

Laura McCain Reed

Photo of Laura

The Doomsman and Judge of the Dead; spouse of Vaire

Mandos - The Doomsman and Judge of the Dead; spouse of Vaire by wolfanita


Photo of Michelle

The Huntsman, Lord of Forests and the Great Rider

Orome the Huntsman, Lord of the Forests and the Great Rider by wolfanita


Photo of Anaelle

The Weaver; spouse of Mandos



Photo of Rebakah

Star-Queen and Queen of the Valar

Varda - Star-Queen and Queen of the Valar by wolfanita



Margaret by Adam Zolkover 2007

Character Art: Valar created by wolfanita on DeviantArt. Earendil and Morgoth by Jenny Dolfen. Map of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands before the War of Wrath from the Lord of the Rings Wiki.

Morgoth by Jenny Dolfen
Morgoth, also Melkor, First and Defeated Dark Lord of Middle-earth.