Black and white photo of Laura with arms raised. Laura has been dancing since the age of three. SPhoto of Laura dancing with retired group Calypso's Pearls. he danced throughout her childhood and then went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in modern dance. She began studying belly dance with Bette Lucas when she moved to Bloomington. She also spent several years as member of the Windfall Dancers, Bloomington’s modern dance company. 

Laura makes a living as a technology trainer and materials developer for IT Training at Indiana University. She specializes in the creation of multimedia training materials.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys exploring the Internet and creating and sharing digital content. Her ambition is to eventually make a living as a blogger. Her primary blog is “Finding My Own Way. She also regularly posts photographs to “Things I See”.  Her blogs dedicated to learning technologies and content curation are “A Learning Experience" and “Look What I Found!. (Those last two are still works in progress.)

Laura has a lot of interests, but not enough time in which to pursue them all. She’s certain that she is not meant to do or be just one thing in this life. She does know that dancing with DDBD makes her happy.

Photo of Laura dancing by Dean Sullivan. Photo of Laura dancing with a fan. Photo of Laura by Antoinette Rodriguez.

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