Different Drummer Belly Dancers
Schedule for Gen Con Indy 2011

Photo of Different Drummer Belly Dancers troupe by Alagraphy at alahay.org.

Shimmy Just Got Game!!!!


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Throughout Gen Con we will pick a spot in the Convention Center and dance! Our Roving Performances will happen somewhere in the in the Convention Center. Check our Twitter feed for exact location. :) Come find us and enjoy!

Roving Performances

Thursday, August 4 - 1 pm & 6 pm

Friday, August 5 - 1 pm & 5 pm

Sunday, August 7 - 10:30 am & 3 pm

Pre-Costume Contest Show!

Saturday, August 7, 3:40 pm,
ICC Ballroom 500

This is our big show, the one we are famous for at Gen Con. Come see us salute a new selection of fandom music. This year we chose to dance for the Anti-Hero!

We also answer the eternal question: Who is mightier? The ninja or the pirate?

Make sure to get to the Costume Contest early in order to get a seat.


Classes this year include the every popular Belly Dance For EVERY Body!, American Tribal Style Belly Dance – Introduction, and Advanced Belly Dance. Remember that all every body young, old, male, female, all shapes, sizes, genders, and colors looks good when belly dancing. So YOU are welcome to these classes. Come find out just how good your body looks.

Classes Are:

Belly Dance Is For Every Body! introduces participants to the ancient art of belly dance. Remember: If you have a belly, you can belly dance. :)

American Tribal Style Belly Dance – Introduction. America has its very own style of belly dance: American Tribal Style (ATS). ATS has set movements and group formations that allow for dancers who have never met, to dance beautifully together! This class for beginners and experienced belly dancers alike.

Advanced Belly Dance. This class is for anyone who has taken a belly dance class of any style - including one here at Gen Con including this year! You will learn a simple choreography and you can practice at home with yourself and others. Nothing makes you happier than belly dancing! (Hey, it works for me and my troupe.)

Below is our class schedule. Note that the rooms may change so be sure to check your Gen Con schedule.

Yes we take Generic Tickets! :)

Thursday, August 4th:

Belly Dance For EVERY Body! - 11 am.-Noon - ICC: 206 - $10

American Tribal Style Belly Dance – Introduction ! - 3-4 pm. - ICC: 206 - $10

Friday, August 6th:

American Tribal Style Belly Dance – Introduction - 11 am.-Noon - ICC: 207 - $10

Belly Dance For EVERY Body! - 3-4 pm. - ICC: 206 - $10

Sunday, August 7th:

Advanced Belly Dance - 1-2 pm. - ICC: 206 - $10

Note: If you've had a class with us, or another teacher before, then join us for some fun choreography!

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Open Entire Con inside the Exhibitor Hall in the Entertainer section!

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Feather Hairpins

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Cloaks and Capes (Great for LARPing, SCA & other costuming endeavors)


And more!

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DDBD enjoying their crin.
DDBD enjoying their tubular crin hairfalls.

Online Shopping:

Once Gen Con is over *sob* you can always find what you need in our online stores! Check out DDBD - Shop and T-Kitty Belly Dance! Of course we take special orders!!! :)