Teri has moved to San Diego, California! We know she will be continuing her belly dance love in her new home.

Teri's love for dancing is just on the sane side of obsession.  She has explored ballroom and Latin dancing and is thrilled to be belly dancing where one can dance with or without a partner.  She has been studying various styles of belly dancing on and off for 6 years, but has found her home in the fusion style embraced by Different Drummer. (She's even given DDBD's style a name: Pan Tribal.) Belly dancing has emerged as a revelation of fun and exciting new ways to explore her passion of artistic communication with an audience.  Her love of performing is lifelong.  [There are many tales of Tiny Teri giving lengthy recitals on the tree stump in the front yard.]  As a classically trained singer she has performed numerous solo recitals throughout the Mid and Southwest as well as performing opera roles in academic, civic, and regional opera theatre productions.  Teri holds a doctorate in voice from Indiana University in Bloomington.  She continues to actively pursue scholarly and creative projects as well as teaching both private voice lessons and belly dance classes locally.  Her newest joy is bringing belly dance to her new home Cleveland, Mississippi!!

Teri also has her own belly dance store, T-Kitty Belly Dance. She likes to "bring the shimmy" - her speciality is her famous and wonderful belly dance pants and her in demand tubular crin falls!!! Check them out!.


Teri and Thalia

Photo taken by Liz Ladd

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